Every employer is obliged to be prepared for accidents, fires and evacuations. Therefore, it is mandatory to organise First Aid. During our emergency response officer training course, you will learn how to act during emergencies at the workplace. With the 112BHV emergency response officer training course you are working towards receiving or renewing your emergency response officer certificate. There is no distinction between the basic and the renewal course.

Training options

  • E-learning + classroom: € 195,- (excl. VAT)

Starting moments


Target Audience

Our training course is suitable for anyone who is looking for a basic or refresher emergency response officer (bedrijfshulpverlener) training course.


During the emergency response training course, you or the employee will be taught how to act in case of accidents, fires and evacuations. You/they will learn to correctly handle emergencies at your workplace.


Customised E-learning: Only learn what you need to know
At 112BHV, we work with adaptive e-learning modules. Adaptive e-learning modules have much to offer from an educational standpoint. An experienced student can quickly go through the e-learning module, a more academically-inclined student can gain further insight if they so wish, and any student who is less academically inclined or is going through the theory for the first time will have all the time and space to practice at their own pace.

Benefits of adaptive e-learning:

  • Efficient learning through customised e-learning modules
  • Studying where and when it suits you
  • Online testing and exam
  • You are optimally prepared for practice
  • Handy as a reference work and always up to date

Compact practical training

Every student prepares for the practical part via the e-learning module, so the basic level of knowledge is the same for every student. This allows basic and refresher students to do practical training together. During practical training, students practice in small subgroups of 3-4 people and learn from each other. Practical training takes 4 hours.

Advantages of our practical training:

  • Focus on practicing skills
  • Small groups
  • Very efficient and only half a day
  • Always nearby at one of our 20 locations in the Netherlands


During practical emergency response training, the student is assessed on the practical skills performed. If the student is found competent by the trainer and has passed the e-learning module, they will receive the digital 112BHV certificate.

With the 112BHV Emergency Response Officer certificate you will be able to register as ‘Burgerhulpverlener’ on the ‘HartslagNu’ app in the Netherlands.


The next subjects will be part of the training:

  • Acting in case of life-threatening situations, such as:
    • Performing basic life support and using an AED
    • Unresponsiveness
    • Choking
    • Bleedings
    • Chest pain
    • Stroke
    • Epileptic seizures
    • Brain injury
  • Performing first aid in case of:
    • Wounds and burns
    • Eye injuries
    • Sprains
    • Bone fractures, dislocations and spinal injuries
  • Extinguishing an incipient fire and choosing the appropriate extinguishing agent
  • Evacuate a building according to the general evacuation procedure


We can also carry out all our training courses in-company within your organization. At a time and location that suits you best.

Locations throughout the Netherlands

112BHV is active throughout the Netherlands and offers training courses at 22 locations.


We also offer many 112BHV programs as e-Learning. So you can follow the program wherever and whenever you want.

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